We believe passion is the driving force behind quality and creativity. We develop quality product because we care deeply about our customers’ success using our fabrics. We want to help everyone add value to this world through differentiated and meaningful product. We want to make sure that our textiles are created with that passion, and that we care passionately about our customers and affiliates alike.
The textiles industry is one of the most evolutionary and fast-paced industries. Technologies and production regions constantly change the dynamics of how we work and produce fabrics. Fashion also changes season by season at a dynamic pace. It is important to have an open mind, learn something new, and venture into the unknown. This enables us to constantly innovate and achieve unimaginable collaborations between our supply chain partners to serve the constantly evolving market.
In order to achieve something in this day and age, we have to openly communicate with our customers and supply chain. We like our customers to be involved with the way our work, and we stress openness and transparency to our entire supply chain. If a problem should arise, we share the issues with our customers and affiliates, so that we can all come up with creative solutions that work favorably for everyone.
Debs ensures that we are fair to our customers, partners, and affiliates. We strive for long-term relationships and believe in resolving any kind of issues with all that are involved, including the people that work at Debs. Our word is our word, and we will stand by it no matter what.
It is integral part of our life to live and work freely. It creates a better environment where everyone can express themselves, and do what they believe is the right thing. With freedom comes responsibility, and we are confident that everyone that works at Debs takes action in the best interest of our customers and affiliate partners.
Work is never easy, so why should we make it miserable? When we are happy, we do things much better, with a more open mind, and with a bigger heart. Like they say, a smile is worth a thousand words… and maybe more!