Textiles is a highly intimate field of work. We wear, touch, see, and get inspired by fabrics on a daily basis. It is an integral part of our everday lives and requires extensive detail to develop a single fabric.
We make sure that our fabric developments are created with passion and that our aspirations are communicated with every player involved – textile designers, fiber makers, weavers, dyers, finishers, technology providers, and chemical companies.
And once the fabric is developed, it’s our turn to share the story of the product with our customers.
We invite everyone that works with us to “share the passion!”.
In a globalized environment, no single country is a producer in its totality. At Debs, we have set up a production system which enables us to bring together the best of two worlds – the quality, technology, and innovation of Japan with the textile production infrastructures in Asia.
We strive to build the cultural differences between everyone involved and develop mutual beneficial business partnerships through product development and innovation.
We have coined the term “Made With Japan” to define this collaborative and flexible approach to product development and production within the Asian region.
Whatever we do, we make sure to add the Japanese touch to all our fabrics!