Japan is home to the worlds largest number of registered patents and has astounding innovation across many industries, many of which are applicable to the textile field. D-LAB gives you easy access to this vast field of innovation. We constantly launch technological innovations and collaborate with you to customize the product further using our flexible converting system. D-LAB is on the constant lookout for whats new.

StayCool is a continuous cooling fiber technology created by special polymers in the fiber that constantly vaporize moisture and release the heat to achieve a sustained cool touch. StayCool has high moisture absorbency combined with super quick drying, with an aesthetic benefit of a silk-like luxurious sheen and soft, smooth, and powdery handfeel.

AirDenim is an innovative, technology-enabled approach to denim manufacturing that continues the time-honored traditions of denim using state-of-the-art science and digital artistry. Denim has a long history of aesthetic reinterpretation but it has been consistently limited by obsolete dyeing and post-sewing processes. We are changing the way we think, make, and consume our beloved jeans. AirDenim retails all the style, while eliminating all harmful aspects of traditional denim manufacturing. No water, no indigo dyes, no after-washes, and no damage finishes!